About Lady Grace

Lady Grace was founded with an aim to fill the gap in the sanitary disposal cycle. Two key objectives were outlined: to sensitise and socially educate the general public on the proper ways to dispose sanitary waste as well as to produce and circulate disposal bags through retail networks to access the target market at a fair price.

The company is therefore built on three pillars which are the product, the service and the campaign. Our premier product Prim being the sanitary disposal bag was rolled out into the market in November of 2015 to a warm reception by the market it was created for, albeit mixed reactions. This enhanced the need for the campaign in a bid to first point out a problem amongst the female population in as far as sanitary disposal and bathroom hygiene is concerned. This need precedes emphasising the necessity of the sanitary disposal bag as a solution for the problem outlined. The social education initiative stresses on the social and health benefits of using bags in private and public restroom facilities. The sanitary disposal bag Prim by Lady Grace being the first line to be launched is set to expand within itself to a variety of bags for customers to choose from at their discretion. Then line will feature scented bags, anti-bacterial agents as well as bio degradable in an effort to remain responsible to the environment by not contributing to carbon footprint. Lady Grace is looking to soon introduce the second line of products being the diaper disposal bags which is also a great necessity for mothers with young babies. These bags, Baby Grace will also have features such that the bags will be fragrant, anti-bacterial and environmentally friendly. Both Prim and Baby Grace are means to conveniently dispose of sanitary waste. This is manifest in the fact they are designed to be compact and mobile to carry around and they a discreet disposal. The lines are ideally made to conceal unsightly material, musk odour and decrease contact to body fluids, blood borne pathogens and faecal matter from other bathroom users and bathroom staff.
How Lady Grace came about Lady Grace Products were inspired by  experiences in day to day life. From this was an idea that there must be a solution to reduce exposure for both bathroom users and cleaners. It took a year of research and study followed by another year of production and branding to roll out our first line dubbed Prim in November of 2015. About founder Wangechi Kamau is the Founder and Managing Director of Lady Grace. She had the idea within two years brought the dream into fruition at age 25. Through this journey she learnt and appreciated the fact that there is no pride in anything that was easy to do. She prides herself in having built a liberal work environment that does not however compromise on results. To her, the campaign is her way of giving back through social education and thus the closest to her heart. Wangechi is steering the company as it aims to extend its reach regionally outside of her home country Kenya.

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