Our Campaign

This pillar bears the weight of advocacy of the product and the public understanding of the health and environmental risks that are associated with improper sanitary disposal. Lady Grace seeks to nurture a behaviour pattern through sensitisation for all women to be ladies where sanitary disposal is concerned. Where in the past they have been negligent, they ought, in future to be considerate of others visiting the same bathroom facilities and those cleaning up after their use of the same.
Here the focus is teaching girls and women on proper sanitary disposal methods and discussing the benefits of using bags, enlightening them on the health and environmental risks of being irresponsible with sanitary waste and the plumbing problems that occur due to flushing used feminine products.

We shall be having a consistent “bag it and bin it” campaign in line with the Lady Grace tagline that is “let go and let grace”. The company will partner with interested parties to make tours at schools and colleges in a bid to reach wide and be impactful to society.

To invite us for a school tour or any event where we can speak about our work kindly contact us on:
Email: info@ladygrace.co.ke  |  Cell: 0792 604 036